Bold entrepreneurs try to create them. Top-tier venture capitalists can amplify them. Everyone else wants to predict them. Inflection points are imperative.
FONGIT is one of the largest tech incubators in Switzerland. I spoke with Managing Director, Antonio Gambardella, who is advocating for a new innovation…
Venture capitalists rule the game. Entrepreneurs must deal with it. We must bring some balance to the system.
I spoke with Nicolas Meunier, founder and CEO at Reflexion Capital, about a fund's project opening a new investment category between bootstrapping and…
The challenges endured by venture capitalists are similar to those experienced by entrepreneurs, only more secretly and more severely. Acknowledge it…
There are three core elements to making money and pleasing investors. There is one more that makes all the difference.
I talked to HouseTrip co-founder Arnaud Bertrand, who shared his view on why they lost the war against Airbnb.
What kind of entrepreneur do you want to be?
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