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My name is Pat Ben.

I am located in Western Switzerland (Geneva).

I use economics, finance, and analytics to give entrepreneurs (and investors) an edge to engage key stakeholders, build enduring companies and serve people. I try to make my writing understandable and colorful for everyone.

Getting millions of followers on social networks is not my thing. Instead, I would prefer to create mutually beneficial one-to-one relationships with serious makers and backers. But you can still follow me on LinkedIn.

My writing is independent: no strings attached, no conflict of interest, no promotion.

It is based on this one belief: whoever you are and whatever you do, you can grow (and fund) your business, your own way.

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A dissident voice in the Venture Capital industry


I am a finance professional with extensive experience in strategic finance. For the past decade, I have been helping SMEs do great finance after spending a decade in private equity. Substack is where I turn my thoughts into insights.